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Reasons Why Automation will Never Replace Manual Testing

Reasons Why Automation will Never Replace Manual Testing. manual software testingThe software testing automation has received much consideration lately. There are a lot of talks that automation testing is replacing manual software testing. A lot of testers and developers in today’s world want to look for the help of test automation to make their lives simple. Although, automation testing framework does not be able to completely replace manual testing methodologies. Thus, we can’t expect that automation software testing can ever able to replace manual testing out there on the planet.

Some development groups bounce into automated testing like it’s the heavenly vessel. And, it is—somewhat. People think why undergo the cost of manual testing approach when you can simply compose automated tests in their place? It’s quicker, less expensive, and gives the same results as manual software testing… right?

Wrong! In all actuality, the manual testing process hasn’t left. It never will.

As we’re strong believers to manual testing. Indeed, even as automated suites turn out to be more complex, regardless they require human drivers. Actually, automated tests are frequently converted from initially manual efforts.

Here’s the reason why automation won’t ever replace manual testing concepts:

People are imaginative and investigative

While we all at once complaint about the downfalls of being human, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to fly?!  But, we do have our great characteristics.

The abilities and experience that testers convey to the table help them strategize each time they begin another session. As of right now, there’s no substitution for our quick mental preparing speeds and our fool investigation!

Automated tests can contain bugs/defects.

Much the same as your application’s code can contain bugs, automated tests can as well. In the case that you compose automated tests with bugs, you will have false positives. This can prompt real issues for your clients and your group. The human element of manual QA testing can find these mistakes and ensure you’re testing appropriately.

There’s an entire group of testing that basically should be manual

User experience is presumably the main motivation why manual testing is vital. We all could utilize important feedback from time to time. When it comes to functionality as well as to initial introductions, there’s no trade for the human eye.

While smoke tests can be automated, they too are better left for the testing manual. It’s far speedier for a tester to poke around your application and check whether it’s prepared for in-your-face testing than for a tester to compose scripts that would do same. Also, early-stage scripts won’t last, in any case.

Besides, just a human can double check languages utilize and other key localization factors in a product focusing on various regions.

Usability testing can’t be automated.

Automating Usability tests is simply impractical. Usability testing requires a human. You can’t prepare a PC to distinguish “great” usability versus “bad” usability. Maybe you’re considering, “alright, we will simply skip usability testing”. Try not to commit that error. By skipping usability testing, you’re presenting a huge amount of risk. This progression in the QA procedure is vital to guarantee confidence in the release.

Automation is excessively costly for small projects.

Not exclusively do you have testing automation software to pay for, however, you likewise have higher related support and administration costs, because of script written work and reworking, and in addition, set up and handling times.

For long-term software products and projects, the higher expenses can be justified, despite all the trouble. But, for shorter, smaller projects it’s a stupendous misuse of both time and money.

While figuring the potential ROI for a mechanization buy, you need to factor in included worker hours, also.

Therefore, the presence of both automation and manual testing constrains us to consider our selection of the testing tool, their cost, and the advantage they will give. There are a time and place for both manual testing and automation testing strategies for performing software testing. Manual software testing encourages us to understand the whole issue and investigate different points of tests with adaptability. Automation testing helps save time over the long run by achieving an expansive number of surface level tests in a brief span. It’s dependent upon you to decide when and where every strategy for testing is utilized.

Although, automation won’t replace types of manual testing, yet neither will manual software testing remove automation. Once the difference between them is understood, the deep-rooted dread of automation breaks down and a capable, gainful coordinated effort rises.

We, at TestOrigen, provides both QA manual testing as well as Automation using all the latest manual testing tools and automation testing tools, as we are well aware of the difference between automation and manual that making us a leader among various software testing companies.

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Soon IndusInd Bank’s Clients will See Transactions on WhatsApp

Soon IndusInd Banks Clients will See Transactions on WhatsApp. latest news on indusind bankAccording to this latest news on IndusInd bank, its business customers will soon be able to get their transactions directly on the application of WhatsApp messenger.  The IndusInd bank ltd launched a pilot program on Tuesday with apk WhatsApp latest project in India to communicate with its bank customers.

The message benefit on application WhatsApp download is being rolled out to assist customers in stages. Clients can save the official WhatsApp number of the bank and start a conversation, the latest news on IndusInd bank said in an announcement.

The first test phase will enable the bank IndusInd to convey important transaction alerts to attract customers on WhatsApp.

It likewise permits two-way communication with answers for attracting new customers and gives fundamental banking services like checking mini statements, checking balance, checking reward points and in addition updating of Aadhaar through WhatsApp.

As per latest news on IndusInd bank, it is about reaching out to the clients on their favored channel to communicate effectively with them, said Ritesh Raj Saxena, Head Savings, Digital and Payments, IndusInd Bank.

“This expands on our quality ‘on-the-go’ and the benefits of social banking in India. We will work with WhatsApp intently to convey an ever-increasing number of services to our retail and business customers, post this pilot stage,” Saxena said.

The private division lender said it is among one of the principal banks to be a part of WhatsApp pilot.

However before starting any services or launching new software product always need software testing. Thus, get your product tested today by connecting with us, so that you provide full satisfaction to your customers.

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Overview of Recovery Testing in Software Testing

Overview of Recovery Testing in Software Testing. recovery testing in software testingA recovery testing in software testing is the way of evaluating the adequacy of an association’s software product and techniques for recreating information for security and its capacity to dependably recover that information.

It is also called as the backup recovery testing, a fundamental part of a disaster recovery testing strategy. Back up of mission-critical data is mostly considered important in business. In any case, it isn’t unprecedented for testing to reveal issues in software or procedures that could prompt serious data loss.

This recovery testing in software testing forces the software product to fail and checks that disaster recovery testing process is properly performed. The significance of these systems is to such an extent that by their nature they force a strict protocol of how the system should behave in case of a failure.

Every software system is liable to a disaster, and these events can massively affect the business. The recovery testing tools are being prepared with the goal that you can recover rapidly. This is the place disaster recovery testing comes in.

What is recovery testing in software testing?

As the name proposes, recovery testing is the way toward testing the ability of a software product to recover information rapidly in the impacts of system failures, for example, hardware glitches, network blackouts, crashes etc. The recovery testing in software engineering is a type of non functional testing that performed through constrained failing the software product in various ways, and after that check how well the recovery has worked out.

Recovery Plan – Steps:

  • Deciding the utility of the recovery procedure.
  • Confirmation of the backup offices.
  • Guaranteeing appropriate steps are recorded to check the compatibility of backup offices.
  • Giving Training to the team.
  • Showing the capability of the association to recover from all critical failures.
  • Updating and maintaining the recovery plan at regular intervals.

The Importance of Recovery Testing

The capacity to recover from a disaster is critical for any business. How critical your business or product decides the level of criticality for software recovery testing.

For Example, if your software product is a communication platform for the aircraft business being utilized all day, every day and very relied on, the capability to recover in seconds or minutes is vital. On the other hand, if your product is a learning management system, having the ability to recover inside hours or perhaps a couple of days may be adequate.

Mission-critical products with high conditions and strict SLAs must have the capacity to recover rapidly, and consequently, these organizations must contribute the time and money required to lead intensive recovery testing.

Pros and Cons of Recovery Testing in Software Testing:


  • Kills dangers: Recovery testing is performed via trained tester or test team so outputs are precise to great extent. It decreases the danger of failure of the product in the market.
  • Enhances System quality: when bugs are found and settled, it enhances the quality of the system.
  • Performance related issues are found and settled before the product goes live available.


  • Recovery Testing is a time-consuming activity.
  • Production of back up information of client logs and system history, as well as maintaining, is a repetitive procedure.

The effects of failure are immense. A business can be affected fiscally, their name can be harmed, or a breach of security may occur. These dangers are dependably there, on the grounds that each system is liable to failure, No organization, product, or software is resistant to “breaking”. How constant recoverability is tested specifically impacts how arranged an association is for disaster.

TestOrigen’s Software Testing Services are ideal for this sort of testing. With your requirements in our hand, our well-trained testers can make an intensive recovery test plan and perform it utilizing all conceivable disaster and failure scenarios.

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A Five Minute Guide to Pair Testing

A Five Minute Guide to Pair Testing. pair wise testingAt times two is superior to one. In pair wise testing, two individuals sit behind one machine to test the product. One individual controls the mouse and keyboard. The other individual makes inquiries, examines test scenarios, and takes notes.

Pair testing is a kind of exploratory testing, where two colleagues talk about and share thoughts and situations around the software product.

Pair-wise testing is a collaborative effort, versus a single individual testing attempt. Commonly, one of the colleagues is a tester and the other is either a developer or a business investigator.

What is Pair wise Testing?

It is a software testing technique in which two individuals test a similar component at a similar place in the meantime by persistently trading thoughts. It creates more thoughts which result in better testing of the application under test.



Why Pair Testing?

The pair wise testing closes the prominent communication gap amongst tester and developer. It goes about as a fast and agile type of exploratory testing. It saves time as well as gives colleagues the chance to gain from each other. With a tester in charge, an engineer increases profitable understanding into how testers see and utilize the product. At the point when the tables turn and the developer grabs hold, testers get a more top to bottom understanding of how the software product functions.

Pair testing is especially compelling during the advancement stage. When in doubt, the prior an issue is recognized, the less demanding it is to redress. Exploratory testing with engineers, testers and business experts in the advancement organize permits issues with plan, logic, usability, and functionality to be tended to as ahead of schedule and rapidly as would be possible. Once a project is finished and discharged, post-advancement pair testing is a viable solution for distinguishing zones of change and advancing continuous improvement.

Pair wise testing Features:

A portion of the remarkable features of Pair testing are given below:

  • It is additionally known by the name of buddy testing.
  • In charge of producing viable test cases, rapidly.
  • Efficient approach.
  • The best technique to prepare novice or new testers alongside the task of testing, at no extra cost and time.
  • Crosses over any barrier and builds the coordination amongst engineer and tester.
  • Trade and gain of information, both by the testers and engineers.
  • Not appropriate, when the software product need automation

Benefits of Pair/buddy testing in software testing:-

  • Here if the developer and testers are combined together then the developer can learn in a superior way to deal with the fabricated and the tester additionally can learn the functionality from in a superior point.
  • There are numerous irregular bugs happens during testing which is difficult to copy, yet if that a tester and developer are paired together then the developer can get the connection of this kind of arbitrary bugs without a moment’s delay. This may save a great deal of time. The tester doesn’t need to sit around idly in imitating the issue and doesn’t have to capture screenshots. Immediate and quick communication prompts the quicker obsession.
  • Both tester and developer will work to their best because of the presence of each other.
  • The developer can point out his/her mistakes so they can be effective and streamlined in future.
  • Workload will be less in presence of another colleague’s assistance, along these lines, the tester can think plainly and utilize greatest situations for his/her advantage.
  • Work will be fun and pleasant.

Thus, Pair Testing is a one of a kind way to deal with software testing. Unique in relation to most different types of software testing, two individuals cooperate to investigate an element or part and the software product and the team is eventually influenced in positive ways.

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Step to follow for performing Database Automation Testing

Step to follow for performing Database Automation Testing. database automation testingAs we realize that Database is utilized as a part of each application where client data should be stored. Thus, the database automation testing is one of the inescapable parts of a software application nowadays.

It doesn’t make a difference at all whether it’s the web, work area or mobile, customer server or peer to peer, undertaking or individual business; the database is working wherever at the backend. So also, regardless of whether it is finance or healthcare, renting or retail, mailing application or controlling a spaceship; a database is dependably in real life behind the scene.

For instance an E-commerce site. All of the products which are recorded on the screen are put away at back-end with complete data, for example, product accessibility, payment details, and so on.

In this way, at whatever point any action is performed on a UI, for example, somebody orders something on this online business webpage then the condition of this product in the database gets changed. It might happen that there was a single product which client has requested and now it ends up out of stock. This data will get refreshed in the database first and afterward, it will be reflected in the UI.

Moreover, with expanding data complexities, heterogeneous conditions and information sizes in terabytes, it is extremely hard to frame a testing technique in view of manual testing. In these cases, database testing automation can help perform data approval, pattern confirmation, database health check, security checks, and so on.

It helps in playing out the correct data checks in ideal time allotment and under budget. But, to guarantee there are no database crashes, failovers, broken inclusions or cancellations, one needs to make a sound database automation testing technique. This can be accomplished by following the below mentioned right steps.

Recognizable proof of Scope

The main thing is to distinguish what should be covered in database testing, what can be barred, and which all data sets are affecting the application execution most. Relying on this recognizable proof, viewpoints like data confirmation, composition check, wellbeing checks, database rule checks, security checks and significantly more can be clubbed together in the scope of database testing.

Make your own particular Queries

To test the DB appropriately and precisely, initial, a tester should have good knowledge of SQL and uniquely Data Manipulation Language proclamations. Also, the tester should gain a good understanding of internal DB structure of AUT. In the event that these two pre-requirements are satisfied, at that point, the tester is prepared to test DB with full certainty.

He will play out any CRUD task from the UI of utilization and will check the outcome utilizing SQL inquiry. If you are utilizing SQL server then you can influence utilization of SQL to inquiry tester for composing inquiries, executing them and recovering outcomes.

This is the best and powerful method for database testing software particularly for applications with a small to medium level of intricacy. However, the two pre-essentials depicted are fundamental. Something else, thusly of QA database testing can’t be adopted by the tester.

Test Cases Identification

This progression is to recognize the priority test cases for database testing with the question of inquiry or question to already stored data. It expects you to make needful bunches if there are colossal data sets. While recognizing these test cases, ensure they are sufficiently adaptable so that for a couple of test cases, database software testing can be performed at a conceptual level while others should be possible till push level examination.


In this progression, you have to execute scripts that you have arranged or change them to execute of course. You can include needful restrictive streams, circle around to utilize a similar case for different arrangements of information and make them more robust. While execution, additionally ensures you consider the test condition to get precise test outcomes.


Once the execution is finished, monitor the result of the execution. You can delve into the point by point examination and produce reports for directors and engineers to take important activities. Further, you can also make an arrangement to store the reports in the configuration of decision for facilitating assessment and investigation.

Post Execution Monitoring

Post the execution and detailing, screen the test results to recognize the patterns and make fundamental changes and fixes to the test scripts. This can be executed as a persistent movement to close on some specific example of the defect.

Test Script Reuse

Post the unit execution; you can additionally reuse the test script for regression test execution. In this stage, you can really utilize the changed code. In any case that possible, you can also put test cases for booked execution to give you the adaptability to run it in the desired time.

Cross-checking with UI Testing Report

Finally, cross-check the automated database testing outcomes with UI testing and avow the discoveries made by two separate channels to take additionally activities.

So, database automation testing of an application requests sharp consideration great SQL aptitudes, legitimate learning of DB structure of AUT and appropriate preparing.

To have the sure test report of this action, this testing of the database should be assigned to an asset with all the four characteristics expressed previously. Otherwise, shipment time shocks, bugs recognizable proof by the customer, dishonorable or unintended application’s behavior or even wrong outputs of business-basic assignments will probably be watched.

Thus, complete this automated testing database assignment with TestOrigen at most reasonable resources and pay it the merited consideration.

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An Introduction to Testing Centre of Excellence

An Introduction to Testing Centre of Excellence. Testing Center of Excellence TCoE-A developing pattern! Nowadays, various huge companies adopting a “Testing Center of Excellence” trend by shaping teams to accelerate the delivery of innovation and guarantee the quality of vital business procedures and frameworks.Normally, these teams fall inside an IT or Quality association and are managed as a planned detail.

This TCoE testing trend is a takeoff from the past when business process testing and software quality assurance were overseen on a “coincidental” project premise – or not in any manner.

In present-day business condition, one of the greatest challenges for associations is shrinking budgets and expanded cost pressures. Project teams are relied upon to deliver excellent IT solution with minimal effort and less time, with fewer assets to give an early rate of profitability and more modest time to advertise.

These difficulties are putting extraordinary pressure on QA roles and responsibilities in software testing. With time usual QA process has turned out to be unproductive to tackle and resolve these complexities, so associations are currently working on creating independent Testing Center of Excellence.

What is Testing Center of Excellence?

TCoE is a model for a concentrated testing platform that accommodates standardizing QA software testing processes and ideal use of assets for test purposes. It brings the foundation and assets together to achieve excellence in testing functions.

Benefits of TCoE- The latest trends in quality assurance

A Testing Center of Excellence presents to you these advantages:

Upgraded utilization of existing assets: QA spending plans, tools, situations and individuals.

Faster time-to-advertise: Test times decreases by 30% and test automation levels of approx 50-70%.

Cost proficiency: Typical asset cost reduction is 35% over a 3-year time span.

Advanced application QA process management and execution: Reduce danger of failures and leakage of high-severity defects to fewer than 2% and enhanced user experience.

Tighter alignment: Align software QA and testing attempts all the more firmly with business needs by characterizing and estimating KPIs.

Increased agility: Respond to new business challenges better and assign your software QA and testing resource center team’s time by priority.

Implementation of TCoE

An appropriate TCoE system, while concepts of quality assurance standards, must think about every one of the parts of a test association, be it services, procedures, tools or individuals. The handiest approach for setting up a TCoE is very easy and includes a couple of steps as recorded underneath:

  • Analyzing the current business procedures of the customers’ association with clear reasons expressing the need to set up a TCoE.
  • Distinguishing what should be tested no matter how you look at it rapidly, sharing perceptions and checking the upgrades that should be made, obviously characterizing procedures and formats for the work processes which are to be actualized to bring the required changes.
  • It is vital to get agreement and approval from every one of the partners of the association and guarantee that all the teams included have clarity in regards to the progressions that will result because of the execution of the TCoE.
  • Actualizing the prescribed procedures utilizing well researched and situation particular tools that won’t just accelerate the testing procedure yet in addition help the teams required to center around other critical activities.
  • It comes to an agreement with the association in regards to the interims at which checks will be led to guarantee that the proposed procedures are being followed.
  • Working on upgrades to produce better ROI and build up a climate of value.

What are the consequences faced by the improper implementation of TCOE?

Improper execution of TCOE prompts disappointment and costs time, cash and validity.

Setting up a Testing Center of Excellence requires a thinking ahead arranging and vital inner help.

Four stages through which the organization needs to go to adjust to the progressions are:

  • Setting the establishment for a solid and viable TCOE
  • Improving shared assets
  • QA as a centralized service
  • Excellent Quality

Associations that have received TCoE have detailed a normal cost decrease of 35% over a 3-year time span. A portion of alternate advantages of TCoE? It acquires greater agility to QA and builds up a ceaseless change process driven by measurements. Setting up a TCoE requires a specific measure of progress alongside help and responsibility from the best administration. Yet, you generally have the alternative of collaborating with an organization that already has TCoE ability.

Soon, we at TestOrigen also going to adopt this latest trend and provide our client more improved as well as greater quality at low cost.

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Learn How to Download & Install Appium in Windows

Learn How to Download and Install Appium in Windows. appium tutorial for beginnersYou should need to learn this Appium tutorial for beginners if you want to perform mobile software apps automation testing. Presently you will learn how to download and install the Appium testing tool in windows to run local/web ios/android software automation tests utilizing selenium web driver.

Yet first, understand what Appium framework is?

The Appium testing tool is an open source mobile app UI testing framework

Appium permits local, hybrid and web application testing and backings automation test on real devices and on emulator or simulator both.

It offers cross-stage application testing i.e. single API works for both Android and iOS stage test scripts.

It has NO reliance on Mobile device OS. Since APPIUM has system or wrapper that make an interpretation of Selenium Webdriver commands into UIAutomation (iOS) or UIAutomator (Android) commands relying upon the gadget type, not any OS type.

Appium supports all languages that have Selenium customer libraries like Ruby, Objective-C, Java, Python, and JavaScript with node.js, PHP, C# etc.

If you have been working at Appium or have been currently following Appium refreshes, at that point you may know that a more up to date Appium version was discharged in October 2016. This most recent discharge was a vital point of reference since it included help for new iOS and Android systems and it also presented help for Windows work area applications and You.i TV.

In this Appium tutorial for beginners, we will give definite well ordered guide for Appium installation utilizing which you will be able to download and install Appium on windows.

Follow the below-given steps to learn installation of Appium download:

  1. Download Appium

Before Appium downloads and installation in windows, Please ensure given requirements are implemented.

  1. JDK Installed.
  2. Android SDK Installed.
  3. Set ANDROID_HOME and Path Environment Variables.
  4. Eclipse ADT Plugin Installed.
  5. Net Framework, Node JS and PDANet+ for Android Installed.

For downloading Appium in windows,

  • Go to
  • Click on Download Appium button.

Click on Download Appium button. appium tutorial for beginners

  • It will download compress document.
  • At the point when download finishes, Extract compress file. You will get AppiumForWindows folder as shown below.

At the point when download finishes Extract compress file. appium tutorial for beginners

  1. Install Appium

  • Open AppiumForWindows folder. “Appium-installer.exe” document will be there.
  • Double click on “Appium-installer.exe” document to install Appium. It will begin installing Appium.
  • It will request that you select setup language.
  • Select English and click on OK.

Select English and click on OK. appium tutorial for beginners

  • It will launch Appium Setup Wizard. Click on Next button.

It will launch Appium Setup Wizard. Click on Next button. appium tutorial for beginners

  • Next screen will request that you select Appium destination location. Discard it as it is and click on Next.

Next screen will request that you select Appium destination location. appium tutorial for beginners

  • Next screen will solicit you to set name from Appium. Discard it as it is and click on Next.

Next screen will solicit you to set name from Appium. appium tutorial for beginners

  • Click Next on Select Additional Tasks screen.

Click Next on Select Additional Tasks screen. appium tutorial for beginners

  • On Ready to install screen, Click on Install button. It will begin the installation.

On Ready to install screen Click on Install button. appium tutorial for beginners

  • Toward the finish of installation, it will indicate completing the Appium Setup Wizard. Select Launch Appium checkbox and click on Finish button.

Toward the finish of installation it will indicate completing the Appium Setup. appium tutorial for beginners

  • It will dispatch Appium as demonstrated below.

It will dispatch Appium as demonstrated below. appium tutorial for beginners

Appium is installed and prepared to utilize.

  1. Design Appium

Appium will dispatch with default setup parameters. To decrease mistakes amid software automation test execution, you have to set/edit few Appium tests parameters according to your need in the event that they are incorrect or not set properly. See below.

Android Settings:

  • Click on Android Settings button as appeared in below picture.
  • Select Platform Name = Android
  • Select Automation Name = Appium
  • Select Platform Version = your android gadget’s OS version.

Android Settings. appium tutorial for beginners

General Settings

  • Click on General Setting’s button as shown in below screenshot.
  • Note down Server Address and Post number. We need it during Appium software automation test script making. Server Address is: and Port number is: 4723.
  • Un-check Pre-Launch Application check box in the case, it is checked.

General Settings. appium tutorial for beginners

Discard all other settings as it is.

This Appium tutorial for beginners’ help you understand initial steps that are followed for further Appium testing, yet don’t worry we are always here to clear your doubt on Appium test relate queries and also provide a number of software testing services to our worldwide clients.

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Is Record & Playback, a Boon or Curse to Test Automation?

Is Record and Playback a Boon or Curse to Test Automation. record and playback testingTest automation can be all you longed for, yet it can likewise effectively transform into a waste of money, energy, and time. Choosing what gets automated and picking the right tools is vital.

Numerous supervisors are enticed by the charm of record and playback testing, yet don’t make these free record and playback automation tools the focal point of your test automation procedures unless you have an extraordinarily static UI and codebase. The tests these record and playback tools create are regularly outdated in a few weeks, relying on how frequently you update your code. Testing teams attempt to make these record and playback tools for testing helpful by either re-recording frequently or recording and editing.

The record and playback testing have been a noteworthy element of most test automation tools, and it still is today. The record and playback software records and logs your manual testing, including each record and playback mouse clicks and keystrokes or screen captures also gives you a chance to replay them later. It soothes the dullness of manual testing, particularly when you need to perform regression tests, yet it can be restricted in its scope.

Record and Playback testing tools look misleadingly basic, and in the event that you take after guidelines, you can most likely begin in two or three hours. In any case, sooner or later, you will probably reach a stopping point, which will be difficult to climb.

When you first take a look at record and playback tool, it would appear that an awesome choice. It enables your testers to make automation without having to know how to code. The record and playback automation testing tools are normally simple to utilize and you can begin getting comes about the very first moment. Given these advantages, it is no big surprise such huge numbers of tasks fall into the record and playback trap.

Here are the advantages and disadvantage of record and playback in automation testing:

What’s wrong with record and playback?

High support cost

These record and playback test tools regularly store procedural advances or make procedural code. Procedural tests are an issue as even minor changes can require that all of your tests should be refreshed or rerecorded.

Poor integration

These open source record and playback testing tools generally don’t coordinate well with your SDLC procedure. They ordinarily have their own particular interface and test sprinters. This frequently implies you have to manually commence tests.

High cost

Feature-rich choices are generally costly. Numerous require yearly renewals and are attached to particular people. Alongside being costly they regularly require higher technical skill to utilize them efficiently, largely defeating the point of running with a record and playback tool. There are free choices, yet they ordinarily have extremely constrained features.

Restricted test scope

The primary concern to understand about the record and playback testing is that they normally follow the exact steps you recorded, no more, no less. That implies these tests commonly do minimal more than fundamental navigational testing.


When you run with a record and playback it can be difficult to change to another tool. Switching typically means starting from scratch.

At the point when may record and playback be a decent alternative?

  • Gets organizes/names of items.
  • Some automation tools offer object-based recording.
  • Causes tester to understand the code of an application.
  • Quick and easy keywords tests.
  • Structure and syntax.

The main issue is, you may begin utilizing a record and playback test automation and at first see great improvement. In any case, sooner or later, you are probably going to hit a brick wall that is difficult to climb. This will be trailed by lots of disappointment, trailed by the rejection of the tool as a toy, trailed by a budget fight before you finally can get a new beginning utilizing a superior approach.

Thus, it has its place in the plan of automated testing, yet should be a curse if you totally depended upon. Or maybe, it should be a boon if utilized to supplement automation efforts.

We, at TestOrigen, mainly use all latest automation testing tools to automate our testing procedures and providing best software testing services all over the world.

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Let’s Explore OPPO F7 with all New Features going to Launch Today

Lets Explore OPPO F7 with all New Features going to Launch Today. latest oppo phoneThe OPPO latest news affirmed that it will be launching the latest OPPO phone F7 in India on March 26 i.e. today. The Chinese tech company has been taunting the gadget for a long while via all social media and is all prepared to launch it in an event organized in Mumbai, India. The latest OPPO phone F7 launch event will start at 12 PM IST. Although, the individuals who are not able to go to the event face to face can still watch the live stream of the whole event on OPPO’s Website.

A successor to the F5, the latest OPPO phone F7 takes the possibility of all-screen front much further. It likewise delivers a high-resolution camera at the front to offer fantastic selfies.

The organization presented AI Beauty Recognition innovation with the OPPO F5 and got rave surveys among tech-addicted due to the capacity to capture personalized, real and natural selfies. Despite the fact that the AI technology exists in OPPO F5, the organization will grow the feature with upgraded features and will be named as AI Beauty 2.0.

This latest OPPO F7 Smartphone won’t just take selfies to the next level yet also creating the most superior and lively photographs as well, in addition, make them extensively more fun.

An Industry Leading 25MP Front Camera

With the 25MP AI, Beauty Front Camera including led flash and Real-time HDR Technology, pictures were taken with the OPPO F7 will have a more noteworthy scope of luminance levels when shot both in bright daylight and shade. The shading and difference scope of the pixels are unlimited to uncover more detailed, brighter and more lively selfies.

Ongoing HDR mode to handle testing light conditions

The ongoing High Dynamic Range innovation on the OPPO F7 will undoubtedly guarantee better selfies impacts under outrageous lighting conditions, particularly with challenging back-light conditions.

The OPPO F7 includes a lot many futures AI technology controlled features which will make it one’s the best latest OPPO phone:

The AI Album which will naturally aggregate photographs by faces, spots, and scenes based on different search labels and editing tools. The other part of the AI Album is the new Moments highlight will help the client rapidly review valuable minutes a photograph was taken, for instance, birthday events. The AI Board highlight which is a split-screen feature where the client can put his most loved applications.

It shrewdly deals with key gatherings and calendars, travel or movie tickets and internet business arrange status by perceiving messages and instant messages. The AI innovation likewise controls F7 System management. The AI Manager dispenses the preparing energy of the 64-bit 4GB Octa-core processor astutely, ensuring the edge to edge screen phone keeps running getting it done, 80 percent superior to its forerunner – the F5. The AI additionally oversees power usage, to consider longer battery life.

The OPPO Website has made a timeline where after the live stream on 26 March, it is expected to uncover something more on 28 March also.

However, all new launches whether its technology, websites, apps, or Smartphone needs software testing so that it can perform well and provide more profit to their respective organizations. We, at TestOrigen test all the new devices, apps under real-world conditions, so that you can provide fully satisfactory products to your users.

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Introduction to Bug Lifecycle in Software Testing

Introduction to Bug Lifecycle in Software Testing. bug life cycle in software testingIn software development procedure, the bug has a lifecycle. The bug should experience the life cycle to be closed. A particular bug life cycle in software testing guarantees that the procedure is standardized. The bug accomplishes distinctive states in the software testing bug life cycle. It begins when the defect is found and ends when a defect is closed, after guaranteeing it’s not reproduced.

Before we actually go into the details of bug life cycle in software testing lets first attempt to understand what is a defect and when is the defect presented in software.

A bug in software testing is a flaw in any software product system that can make the product neglect to perform what it’s really expected to perform. A defect gets presented in software work product because of the error made by the individual making that work product.

A bug in testing can be presented in any period of SLDC, so it is imperative that test team is included from the earliest starting point of SDLC for finding and removing of defects. The earliest the defect is identified and redressed, the negligible cost of value will cause.

Beneath locate the different states that a bug experiences throughout its life cycle of a bug in software testing. The number of states that a bug experience changes from project to project. Beneath bug lifecycle covers every conceivable state.


The bug life cycle in testing incorporates the following status or steps:

New: When a defect is logged and posted out for the first time. Its state is given as new.

Assigned: After the tester has posted the bug, the lead of the tester supports that the bug is real and he assigns the bug to the comparing engineer and the developer team. It is state given as assigned.

Open: At this, the developer has begun analyzing and working on the defect fix.

Fixed: When an engineer makes important code improvements and confirms the progressions then he/she can make bug status as ‘fixed’ and the bug is passed to the testing team.

Pending retest: After fixing the bug the engineer has given that specific code for retesting to the tester. Here the testing is pending on the testers end. Thus its status is pending retest.

Retest: At this stage, the tester does the retesting of the changed code which engineer has given to him to check whether the bug got fixed or not.

Confirmed: The tester tests the bug again after it got fixed by the engineer. In the case that the bug is absent in the product, he affirms that the bug is fixed and changes the status to “confirmed”.

Reopen: If the bug still exists even after the bug is settled by the developer, the tester changes the status to “reopen”. The bug experiences the bug cycle in software testing once again.

Closed: Once the bug is fixed, it is tested by the tester. In that case, the tester feels that the bug never again exists in the product; he changes the status of the bug to “closed”. This state implies that the bug is settled, tested and affirmed.

Copy: If the bug is repeated twice or the two bugs specify a similar idea of the bug, at that point one bug status is changed to “copy”.

Rejected: If the engineer feels that the bug isn’t authentic, he rejects the bug. At that point, the condition of the bug is changed to “rejected”.

Deferred: The bug, changed to deferred state implies the bug is required to be fixed in next releases. The purposes of changing the bug to this state have numerous elements. Some of them are a need of the bug might be low; the absence of time for the release or the bug might not have the significant impact on the product.

Not a bug: The state given as “Not a bug” if there is no change in the functionality of the application. For a case: If the client requests some change in the look and field of the application like a change of color of some content then it isn’t a bug yet simply some adjustment in the looks of the application.

The key to remember is that the bug life cycle in software testing helps everybody organizes their opportunity towards settling the most squeezing bugs right then and there in time, to move your project along. Outline a procedure that works for your circumstance, group, project, strategy, innovation, association. Customize where important yet at that point, don’t go over the edge. The bug life cycle in manual testing exists to advance your collaboration’s – not add to it unnecessarily. Lean and mean is the approach!

We, at TestOrigen, perform testing as per above-mentioned bug lifecycle and it can be modified according to project or organizations, you can trust us with your software product bug software testing procedures.

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