AZ Screen Recorder Records Screen without Rooting. az screen recorderEver since Google presented help for local on device screen recording utilizing applications, there are numerous applications begun offering screen recording ability. However, not many of them are free. Here is an AZ Screen Recorder which does screen recording on Android 5.0 or later running smartphones and furthermore accessible for free in the play store as well as does not require root access.

We have made considerable progress since the launch of Android. Numerous features that were just conceivable with the assistance of rooting are currently accessible on Stock Android. One such element is the screenshot.

Taking screenshots of your Smartphone is so simple, everybody can do it. Taking a video of your screen is somewhat harder. Here is how to record your Smartphone’s screen, when you have to show somebody what’s going on your cell phone.

Recording your telephone’s screen can prove to be useful when you need to make a video of a game you’re playing, tell somebody the best way to execute a task on their cell phone, or report something abnormal your phone is doing. As of Lollipop screen recorder, recording your screen on Android got much simpler. To begin, you’ll require a screen video recording app.

There’s no shortage of applications for recording your screen on Android, however, so far the best one is the AZ Screen Recorder. It doesn’t require root, has no limit on recording length, doesn’t include watermarks, and it’s an advertisement free. Not a bad deal! Right!

Free AZ Screen Recorder Android App Features:

  • FREE 100%.
  • Boundless recording time.
  • No watermark.
  • Screen recording without rooting your gadgets.
  • Resume and Pause while recording.
  • Well structured UI and UX with Lollipop material plan
  • Recording sound by means of the mic.
  • Automatically show screen contacts while recording.
  • Select directory to save your recordings and view all of them in application
  • Can share or erase recorded recordings.
  • Automatically picking the best video quality accessible for your gadgets.
  • Modified clock to quit recording.

Other Features of AZ Recorder:

In any case, the AZ application offers an invisible button or magic in the premium form that can be utilized to respite or stop the AZ video recorder. Further, this screen video recorder for android has two recording modes – standard and basic. You can utilize the essential mode for low-end gadgets or on the gadgets that lag while recording.

Moreover, that is essentially everything to snagging high-quality phone screen recorder from your Android gadget. You’d be unable to locate a more easy to use screen video recorder app for the platform. So, try this out and check whether it doesn’t assist you with helping others.